Santa Claus: The Movie Review

Santa Claus: The Movie
Biog of ftaher Christmas, as the legend is explained in the first half, and then brought up to date in the second with an evil toy manufacturer who wants to eliminate him and corner the toy market.

by DG |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1985

Running Time:

107 minutes



Original Title:

Santa Claus: The Movie

From the producers of Superman, this hugely overblown affair plays exactly like that film: the first (and better) half an extended origin story, the second half a battle against a corrupt businessman.

For kids there's still much to enjoy, but it looks incredibly dated, the flying effects old hat even in the mid-'80s. Dudley Moore is charming enough as errant elf Patch, but this was just further squandering of his talent by Hollywood.

Santa Claus story without the magic. See Miracle on 34th Street instead.

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