Saints And Soldiers Review

Saints And Soldiers
Becoming separated from their command during the Malmeady Massacre of WWII, five soldiers with not much else in common scamble to get back to safety.

by ND |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Aug 2005

Running Time:

87 minutes



Original Title:

Saints And Soldiers

Debutant director Ryan Little’s well-crafted World War II indie flick about four GIs from different backgrounds caught behind enemy lines sadly failed to realise its evident big-screen ambitions, proving unable to secure a theatrical release — perhaps its complete lack of star-names had something to do with it. Still, it’s distinguished by some fine cinematography and is tackled with a pleasing intimacy, echoing films such as A Midnight Clear and The Big Red One in its even-handed depiction of the war. A shame, then, that Little then lets us down somewhat with his clichéd presentation of a “Limey” pilot and a hackneyed war-movie score.

Despite the odd clunking mis-step and aspirations above its rank, this has enough going for it to get it home safely.
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