Romuald and Juliette Review

Everyone is out to get yoghurt company president Romuald except his unlikely cleaning lady, who is the eyes and ears of his salvation.

by Robyn Karney |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1989

Running Time:

108 minutes



Original Title:

Romuald and Juliette

Coline Serreau's previous film had already been remade in Hollywood as Three Men And A Baby by the time this movie was released. Unlike Trois Hommes Et Un Couffin, however, Romuald & Juliette is deliciously and uniquely French.

Here, Romuald (Auteuil) is the wealthy president of a yoghurt company whose life carries all the trappings of his position: luxury pile, glamorous wife, yuppie children. The bad news is that an unscrupulous plot is afoot to unseat him and his trusted assistant is bedding his wife. How the firm's cleaning lady, Juliette, tumbles the plot and assists Romuald forms the heart of this plot-packed comedy. Juliette is played by first-time actress Firmine Richard - black, buxom and beguiling - with a conviction that railroads the basic improbability of the whole thing.

She is supported by a charmingly bemused Auteuil and an irresistible brood of kids - five to be precise, fathered by five different ex-husbands. This movie spells romance with a capital R and screwball with a capital S. Suspend all disbelief and see it.

A charming and unlikely comedy romance - thoroughly heartwarming
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