Revolution Review

Tom Dobb, a New York fur trapper, is at first an unwilling participant in the American Revolution after his son is drafted, but eventually warms to the cause and fights for the freedom of the colonies.

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1985

Running Time:

126 minutes



Original Title:


Do you really want to own the film that put Goldcrest out of business the first time round? Which put Pacino off our screens for four years? Here's your chance, as Al Pacino and Nastassja Kinski refuse taxation without representation in Hugh Hudson's feature-length, mega-budget remake of The Adventures Of Hector Heathcoate.

Donald Sutherland with a hairy wart is value for money as a fiendish British oppressor with a bizarre and bogus Lancastrian accent, but the film simply fails to deliver on the screen-filling action scenes promised by the subject matter, and the attempt to make something interesting out of that legendary bit of periwigged box office poison, the American War of Independence, consistently falls flat.

It's a fine line between high art and overblown nonsense. Bizarre accents and annoying camerawork abound in this package of tripe which isn't sure whether it has just left the butchers or is on its way back.
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