Return to Salem’s Lot Review

Return to Salem's Lot
Salem's Lot provides the base for America's vampire contigent again. The Weber family (chiefly Reed and Moriarty) visit the area for a holiday, which quickly turns into a bloodbath when the residents show their true, sanguine colours.

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1987

Running Time:

101 minutes



Original Title:

Return to Salem’s Lot

A sequel to the original made from a Stephen King story, this retains none of the principal characters and none of the scares that made Salem’s Lot rise out of the TVM netherworld and make it into a theatrical three-hour cut. It’s an unfair irony that the skill and subtlety of the first film has paved the way for this sequel to be made in such a crude fashion. Steven King is on board but his characterisations are hollow, whilst Larry Cohen, the man who helmed Q and It’s Alive!, directs as if he has been possessed by some middling incubus of the film industry.

Pallid doesn't do it. This is offensively bad in every department and should be left to rot in a vault somewhere.
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