Relentless Review

Two chalk-and-cheese cops are on the case of a serial killer who selects his victims from the phone book, before the targets become more personal.

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1989

Running Time:

92 minutes



Original Title:


Judd Nelson, obviously driven mad by all those Brat Pack movies, here plays a whingeing and unstable nut-case who picks people out of the L.A. phone book, and then kills them. Veteran grouch Robert Loggia and New York-trained hotshot Leo Rossi try to bring the killer in, and Rossi gets frustrated by all the redtape wrapped around the case. Nelson is quite good, but the cop characterisations are straight off the peg as are the gratuitous scenes of pretty young ladies being grabbed from behind, and the plot twists are heavily foreshadowed.

Director William L. Kustig, of the Maniac Cop movies, should have used more sleazy action and less happy-families subplot.

It's relentless alright and despairingly routine, but it's a good chance to see Judd Nelson with crazy, crazy eyes.
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