Preaching To The Perverted Review

Preaching To The Perverted
God-fearing civil servant infiltrates the S&M scene and gets more than he bargained for…

by Jake Hamilton |
Published on
Release Date:

04 Jul 1997

Running Time:

100 minutes



Original Title:

Preaching To The Perverted

If a night at the cinema means a box of popcorn and a gripping yarn then perhaps this tale of a glamorous, bisexual dominatrix wreaking havoc among parliamentary candidates may not be your cup of tea. But if arse-whipping, leatherclad slaves hooking their "furry bits" to the nearest power generator for some high voltage jinks is your idea of fun, then bring along your zipped face mask and join the party.

Writer-director Urban's controversial film is a colourful, if disjointed, debut, looking at London's fetish underworld and the lengths to which the government has gone to prosecute its consenting players. God-fearing civil servant Peter Emery (Anholt) is ordered to infiltrate the House Of Thwax, a secret fetish club controlled by power-hungry Tanya Cheex (Turner). Although poles apart, the pair develop a master/slave relationship which threatens the imminent prosecution of all concerned.

This cheesy plot is weaved into a hilarious script which shatters plenty of S&M taboos whilst revelling in their outlandish behaviour. There are fiendish cameos from Ricky Tomlinson and Tom Bell, and Turner is a sex goddess who makes Sharon Stone look like the mother superior. Though not entirely pornographic (Urban suggests rather than exposes), certain areas of the moral majority may be disturbed enough to call in the lynch mob. Still, this ballsy British independent deserves respect for going down on such sinful pleasures.

Hilarious and ballsy British indie not afraid to go to places other films do not dare.
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