Paydirt Review

Willis is a prison psychiatrist, who asked by an ageing prisoner to recover some stolen cash which is buried underneath a local house. Meanwhile Marvin, in the next door cell, overhears and makes plans to go and find the cash, but in the next door house.

by Kim Newman |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1992

Running Time:

88 minutes



Original Title:


Also known as There Goes the Neighbourhood, Jeff Daniels stars as a put-upon prison psychiatrist, who is told by a dying con that a fortune in stolen money is buried in the basement of a suburban house. Told that he must give some to the old man’s relative, but can keep a percentage himself, he hurries across town to convince just-divorced Catherine O'Hara to let him dig up her foundations. Meanwhile, hulking gangster Harris Yulin, who has the same message slightly scrambled, invades the house next door and forces uptight commuter (Hector Elizondo) to destroy his recreation room in search of loot that isn't there.

A mix of cross-purposes criminality and brittle romance, this has few surprises, but everyone (especially Yulin as a brain-damaged Marlon Brando) wrings laughs from a thin script.
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