Outlaw Review

Five stories interweave to examine what happens when victims of crime take the law into their own hands.

by Olly Richards |
Published on
Release Date:

09 Mar 2007

Running Time:

105 minutes



Original Title:


Nick Love, director of the Football Factory and The Business, has always had a love of geezers, but they’ve previously had a few redeeming features to counter their thuggishness. In this appallingly simple-minded film, however, Love portrays violent vigilantism as heroism, as a group of men who feel let down by the authorities take the law into their own hands.

 It’s a volatile set-up with interesting questions to answer, but quickly descends into a sickening sludge of childish politics, brutality and creative swearing. To have such a bold statement hit home Love needed to ensure all the details were impeccable, but frequent clunkers in the script and a fanciful take on the realities of the media make a pathetic, boorish rant.

The kind of film the tabloids will call to ban. Don't take that as a reason to see it.
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