Norbit Review

Norbit (Murphy) is a meek, unassuming guy, pressed into marriage with a monstrous woman (Murphy). However, when he meets the woman of his dreams (not Murphy...we hope), he must find a way out of his marital captivity.

by Tony Horkins |
Published on
Release Date:

09 Mar 2007

Running Time:

102 minutes



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Fat people, apparently, are hilarious. So when lonely nerd Norbit (Eddie Murphy) is bullied into marrying the giant Rasputia (Murphy again), hilarity should surely ensue. Instead, chuckle-free  stereotypes of the obese, the black and the Chinese (Murphy yet again) are rolled out as Norbit tries to re-connect with long-lost love Kate (Thandie Newton) and stop her from marrying deceitful Deion (Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. tarnishing his statuette yet more).

Why it takes such elaborate prosthetics to render such slight characters is as big a mystery as why a post-Dreamgirls Eddie Murphy should choose now to jeopardise his own Oscar chances

Stereotype-based comedy from Eddie Murphy in a variety of fat suits is just not enough to make a decent film.
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