A Night in Casablanca Review

A Night in Casablanca
In post-war Casablanca, Ronald Kornblow is hired to run a hotel whose previous managers have all wound up being murdered.

by Patrick Humphries |
Published on
Release Date:

10 May 1946

Running Time:

85 minutes



Original Title:

A Night in Casablanca

The final full Marx Brothers collaboration, this falls far short of the giddy heights of Duck Soup, but still has enough gags to split the occasional side. Three years after its release, the Brothers decided to parody the Bogart classic, and the result is too plot heavy — with Nazi spies and stolen loot chucked in for good measure — but mercifully free of soppy, lovey sub-plot. Highlights include possibly the most inventive use of a wardrobe ever, and Chico and Harpo filling the dance floor with tables for extra bucks. But despite their best efforts, Groucho still lords it over his siblings like the monarch of mirth that he was.

Funny moments, but far from vintage.
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