Mystery, Alaska Review

Mystery, Alaska
A no-good team of hockey players try to shape up so they can represent their hometown of Mystery in Alaska, with pride, when a cruicial game is televised.

by Emma Cochrane |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Mar 1991

Running Time:

113 minutes



Original Title:

Mystery, Alaska

This never gained a cinema release in the UK, despite the presence of (then) rising star Russell Crowe and that’s partly because it’s less a Crowe movie than an ensemble piece – packed with the some of the best character actors in the business whose chemistry suggests they were having as good a time off-screen as on, but whose box office power wasn’t enough to open the film.

          It also has to be said that “ice hockey” isn’t quite as big in these cold- but-generally-unfrozen shores as it is in say, Canada. And it’s no surprise to see some of that country’s bigger stars and hockey fans– like Mike Myers – cameoing here.

          For them this is probably the ultimate sports movie. For the lesser or non-fans, this is essentially The Mighty Ducks for adults – and there’s no shame in that.

Ensemble fun in this feel-good sports movie.
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