Mother Review

After two failed marriages, a science fiction writer (Brooks) decides coming to terms with his mom will improve his chances for a successful relationship, so he moves in with his mom (Reynolds).

by Caroline Westbrook |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1996

Running Time:

104 minutes



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In this ironic twist on; the folks coming to live with you when they get old, the underrated Albert Brooks spreads himself between director, writer and star duties in this whimsical tale of a fortysomething writer who moves back in with mom (Debbie Reynolds) after the collapse of his second marriage.

Very little of consequence actually happens as the pair talk out their differences and get on each other's nerves (quite why said parent wants to put up with Brooks' overgrown schoolboy is something of a mystery), but Reynolds is in sparkling form and the script teems with painfully truthful ironies.

A full and enjoyable look at the the Mother/son dynamic. Brooks doesn't go for the easy gags (for that watch J-Lo in the terrible Monster-In-Law) he works on the amusing craziness that lies underneath many a mother and son's relationships.

Clever, touching and funny.
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