The Moguls Review

The Moguls
Midlife crisis-suffering Andy Sargentee (Bridges) is constantly coming up with get-rich-quick schemes to compete with his son's well off stepfather, for which his not-too-bright friends are more than happy to back him up. The latest is to produce amateur porn...

by Dan Jolin |
Published on
Release Date:

28 Apr 2006

Running Time:

96 minutes



Original Title:

Moguls, The

Ain’t pornography sweet? There’s nothing better to warm the cockles than a bit of double-anal… Er, right? Well, go ask debut feature writer-director Michael Traeger, who’s used the concept of a bunch of pleasant small-towners making an amateur stag flick as an excuse to foist some sticky love ’n’ hugs nonsense on us.

Which is a shame, as this could have been a cheeky Boogie Nights-via-Ealing diversion, especially with the perpetually rumpled Jeff Bridges in the lead as the fella with the big, crazy idea who drags his all-too-draggable chums (Tim Blake Nelson’s mini-oaf, Ted Danson’s faux-macho closet gay, Joe Pantoliano as Some Idiot — yes, that is the character’s name) into the world of basement porn. But a lack of solid laughs, a smidgin of racism and an infuriating overuse of voiceover leave this seriously lacking wood.

An amiable enough micro-caper which offers savoury titters over out-and-out laughs without ever living up to the concept’s comedic potential.
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