Martha , Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence Review

Martha , Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence
Record company hotshot Daniel returns from a US business trip and falls for emigrating American girl Martha after a chance meeting at Minneapolis airport. They arrange lunch next day but she doesn't show. 24 hours later Daniel relates this tale to old sch

by Neil Jeffries |
Published on
Release Date:

06 Jan 1998

Running Time:

85 minutes



Original Title:

Martha , Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence

Hey, it's a small world and London is only part of it so anything is possible. Besides, watching Peter Morgan's screenplay unfold everything is wonderful. Brilliantly plotted, deconstructed and timeshifted in the style of, say. Pulp Fiction, Hamm views three emotionally-charged days from the differing angles of each of the titular protagonists built from the flashback perspective of practising psychiatrist Ray Winstone (an excellent and unlikely cameo).

The deadpan comedy is frequently laugh-out-loud funny with Sewell and Fiennes taking to it like ducks to water after their more serious roots. Hollander is unusually likeable, too, as the potentially irksome yuppie. But at the core of everything is newcomer Potter (previously glimpsed briefly as Nicolas Cage's wife in Con Air),bouncing elfishly from pillar to post, streetwise but confused, loved and loveable, and glowing like Julia Roberts circa Steel Magnolias.

Fun, feelgood and fast-moving — this is everything you wanted from a Brit romantic comedy (but were afraid to ask)

Tongue-twisting title, heart-twisting plot. Romantic comedy with an unlikely spin, free of chick-flick cheesiness. And it's British, too, so no Meg Ryan in sight.
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