Maniac Cop 2 Review

Maniac Cop 2
A muderous and deranged former cop teams up with a killer to terrorize New York.

by Kim Newman |
Published on
Release Date:

18 Jul 1990

Running Time:

88 minutes



Original Title:

Maniac Cop 2

'You can shoot him with a gun, you can shoot him with an Uzi," raps the theme song, "but he'll turn up in your jacuzzi". It seems that Matt Cordell (Z'Dar), the disfigured hulking walking dead patrolman we all came to love in Maniac Cop, isn't dead after all (again) and, after taking the time to splatter the leads of the original movie - Bruce Campbell and Laurene Landon - he's on the streets again, palling around with a serial slaughterer who picks on nudie dancers, and killing people at random in the hope that the city will redress the wrong done to him in a flashback.

Cynical, hat-wearing cop Robert Davi and wavy-haired police psychiatrist Claudia Christian are the only people who believe Cordell is at large, and they set out to bring the maniac cop down.

Directed again by William Lustig, the man who gave you Maniac, and written and produced by the normally eccentric Larry Cohen, of It's Alive, Q, and Demon, this sequel is sort of pleasant, but still basically a stroll through a leftover plot premise. Lustig is handed some action set-pieces on a plate by Cohen's script - as when Christian is handcuffed to the steering wheel of a runaway car - but fumbles them in the execution.

Z'Dar, with his incredible jawline and moose-shaped shoulders, is an imposing monster, but doesn't do much really. A pleasant cast helps, but not all that much.
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