The Lovers Review

Lovers, The
Jeanne is bored, neither her wealthy husband nor lover hold any interest for her, so to add spice to her life she decides to hook up with a man who gives her a lift home one day when she breaks down.

Published on
Release Date:

13 Feb 2015

Running Time:

90 minutes



Original Title:

Lovers, The

The Louis Malle who raised controversy with his picture Damage began his career with this more honest movie about a young French woman married to a dried-up middle-aged rich guy. She works off some frustration during a boring weekend house party by sleeping with a blandly nice bloke who has given her a lift in his 2CV. Moreau is wonderful — though the rest of the cast are not up to her speed — and this was scandalous at the time not for its adulterous theme but the suggestion that there's nothing wrong with a high-quality liaison in a reasonably romantic context that does not involve a great love affair.

An interesting romantic story, but Moreau's brilliant performance is let down by her weaker cast's.
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