London To Brighton Review

London To Brighton
Joanne is a 12 yr old runaway in the company of hooker, Kelly, and they're trying to stay alive despite a dead gangster's son and a furious pimp on the warpath.

by Alan Morrison |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Dec 2006

Running Time:

86 minutes



Original Title:

London To Brighton

Prostitutes, paedophiles, perverts... the world depicted in London To Brighton isn’t pretty. Each flashback brings us closer to the ugly truth, as 12 year-old runaway Joanne (Georgia Groome) and battered whore Kelly (Lorraine Stanley) flee the capital, pursued by a shotgun-toting pimp and a vicious gangster’s son.

There’s not an ounce of fat on the screenplay, which moves hard and fast without resorting to genre stereotypes or getting up on a social-realist soapbox. After so many Lock, Stock clones, this single-handedly reinvents the British crime movie — it’s an urban noir with

a heart of gold and balls of steel.

British urban crime movie that is several cuts above the rest.
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