Line of Control Review

After Pakistani forces intrude past the line of control into Indian territory, the Govrnment of India instructs the Indian army to defend it's borders.

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Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 2003

Running Time:

97 minutes



Original Title:

Line of Control

Director J. P. Dutta (Refugee) cranks up the volume and turns in a selection of brutal and often repulsive set-pieces in a mammoth four-hour tale about the Indian army's involvement in one of their biggest conflicts in recent history: the Kargil War.

Occasionally erring towards confusion, this largely mediocre effort compromises gritty realism in favour of standard war movie cliches. On the plus side, Ajay Devgan - despite clearly operating on cruise-control - turns in an affecting performance, and the presence of Kareena Kapoor opens Dutta's work to a wider audience who may find his latest offering too violent and male-dominated.

Audiences may find Dutta's latest too violent and male-dominated.
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