Killing Zoe Review

Killing Zoe
Zed (Stoltz) arrives in Paris to meet up with a crew of his friends and rob a bank. With time to spare beforehand, he sleeps with a callgirl (Delpy), only to find that her day job is working in the very same bank.

by Scott Russon |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1994

Running Time:

0 minutes



Original Title:

Killing Zoe

Roger Avarys tale of a Parisian bank heist manages to age considerably well thanks to the nondescript interior locations that make up most of the scenes. The plot centres on an American, Zed (Eric Stoltz), who flies in to join a gang led by a friend he hasn't seen for 11 years. The lead character's dubious motivation aside, Killing Zoe remains gripping stuff. Only the bare minimum of time is spent establishing the characters, which actually helps alleviate the question of what the hell, other than financial gain, motivates each member.

Sometimes having the feeling of trying to play former friend and writing partner Tarantino at his own game, this arrives too late after a long line of Dogs / Pulp knock-offs, and looks a tad undercooked and overblown by comparison. To see how good Avary can really be, consult instead The Rules Of Attraction.

Not horrendously bad by any means, but it does have an air of 'anything you can do, I can do better' about it - by which it certainly comes off second best. History may be kind, but we're not there just yet.
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