Khushi Review

A young woman, Khushi persuades her father to let her follow her dreams to University instead of marrying early and there she meets a number of friends and forms a turbulent friendship with a young man.

by Omar Ahmed |
Published on
Release Date:

21 Feb 2003

Running Time:

166 minutes



Original Title:


As any screen scribbler knows, beginnings are easy, but endings can be hell. A case in point is this long-haul romance straight out of Bollywood which, for the first half, spins endless moments of delight followed by a post-interval packed with spiralling idiocy.

While director S.J. Suryah merits some praise for tackling the topic of relationships between close friends, and for providing moments of poignancy and emotion, he nevertheless allows his storyline to descend into melodrama. Kareena Kapoor's dextrous performance is lovely to behold, while Fardeen Khan ventures into new territory with an inspired and uncharacteristic turn. Though the movie occasionally disengages due to a standard plot and a weak climax, the musical interludes provide a colourful distraction, while the moral lessons that Suryah attempts to display slowly sink in as the final credits appear.

The second half needs to be rewritten, matching the quality of the first.
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