Julia’s Eyes Review

Julia's Eyes
When her blind sister dies in mysterious circumstances, Julia (Belen Rueda) decides to investigate. The task is made harder by a condition that is gradually taking away her eyesight.

by Anna Smith |
Published on
Release Date:

20 May 2011

Running Time:

117 minutes



Original Title:

Julia’s Eyes

Guillermo Del Toro produced, this supremely creepy Spanish horror-thriller about a woman determined to solve a mystery despite her failing sight. Julia (Belen Rueda) is reeling from the apparent suicide of her blind twin sister, Sara. Convinced Sara’s mysterious boyfriend had a hand in her death, Julia investigates while also going slowly blind from the same condition, straining to identify the shadowy figure who keeps flitting in and out of her vision.

Part psychological thriller, part slasher horror, part whodunnit, this is rich in atmosphere and suspense, with a commanding central performance from Rueda, who was similarly compelling in The Orphanage. It’s too long — most scenes could have been trimmed — but it’s worth the slog for the thrills along the way, not to mention the unexpectedly poignant ending.

Yes, it's overlong but Del Toro acolyte Rueda brings some much atmosphere and suspense that you'll barely notice.
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