Iron Monkey Review

Iron Monkey
An adaptation of the Robin Hood story transferred to ancient China: A travelling physician who is more than he seems (Yen) is talked into catching a local bandit (Yu), who is repeatedly stealing from the corrupt local officials and redistributing the wealth. When an evil Shaolin monk enters the frame, the two warriors join forces to defeat the regime.

by Jo Berry |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1993

Running Time:

0 minutes



Original Title:

Iron Monkey

Yuen Wo-ping may be better-known for his fight choreography in action movies such as The Matrix and Kill Bill, but before he made it big in Hollwood, his directorial work was already just as exquisite to behold.

Set in the late Ching Dynasty, Iron Monkey follows the adventures of two famed heroes waging a just war against a corrupt regime. It's Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves meets Hard Boiled meets Once Upon A Time In China, as Donnie Yen eventually sees that he's been hoodwinked, and joins forces with the just outlaw to wage an elegantly action-packed war on the corrupt officials.

Packed with the most visually intricate action sequences and rooftop battles, there's no time to pause for breath. If you're a fan of the genre, this is gold.

More action than the eyeballs can register, this is damn fine wushu.
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