Honeymoon in Vegas Review

Honeymoon in Vegas
Private dick Nicolas Cage loses fiancée Sarah Jessica Parker in a rigged poker game to card shark James Caan and goes through heaven and (comic) hell and a fair few Elvis' to win her back.

by William Thomas |
Release Date:

01 Jan 1992

Running Time:

96 minutes



Original Title:

Honeymoon in Vegas

Before Sex and the City made her an international mega-star, SJP was a budding film actress and this was probably the biggest success she had. Although it's not a bad film, it's just as well she took the role as Carrie.

Nicolas is spending the last few moments with his mother before she dies when she makes him promise to never marry. After she has died, Cage is confused as to whether to go against his lste mother's wishes and be happy or stay single for the rest of his life, but true to his bleloved mum. After dating Parker for several months, Cage overcomes his issues concerning commitment and his mother and arranges to marry his girlfriend in Vegas.

Once they get there, Cage gets carried away gambling and has soon racked up more debts than he can afford. In steps a wealthy business tycoon who offers to pay off all his owings for one night with his fiancee. Cage reluctantly agrees at first but then once the man and his girl have gone he has second thoughts. The chase is then on for him to find them but with the tycoon's lackeys making his life difficult it could prove to be harder than expected.

Cage and Parker have good chemistry in a modern day screwball comedy tht is romantic, charming and entertaining.

A screwball comedy, with two well-cast leads, with a pre-Sex and the City Parker and a amusing Cage. The plot is ridiculous but enjoyably so, with enough jokes to carry it for an hour and a half and a relatively fast pace prevents you from seeing the holes in the story.
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