High School Musical Review

High School Musical
Shy boffin new girl at East High School starts to form an unlikely relationship with the captain of the basketball team as they discover a mutual love of music, but can they overcome High school prejudices?

by Emma Cochrane |
Published on
Release Date:

04 Jun 2006

Running Time:

93 minutes



Original Title:

High School Musical

Welcome to the future. because, like it or not, this trite teen tale — basketball-playing boy (Zac Efron) and brainbox girl (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) find squeaky-clean young love while singing pop tunes — is going to change the movies.

The film, directed by Dirty Dancing choreographer Kenny Ortega, aired on the Disney Channel in America and got the highest-ever ratings for a TV movie. Swiftly a marketing plan whirled into gear; album sales broke records and you could even put on your own stage version, something 1,260 US schools have done to date. But the real work was done by the tweens themselves, who set up YouTube fansites, bluetoothed clips via their mobiles and felt they owned the phenomenon. Nearly two million tuned in in the UK, and they’ll be rushing out to buy this. Beware: the sequel, as well as Bollywood and Brazilian remakes, is already in the can.

As a marketing phenomenon, this has exceeded all expections for a TV movie. However as cinema...maybe you just really need to be a teen to get it.
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