Hatchet Review

When a group of tourists find themselves lost in a haunted New Orleans swamp, their evening of fun gets slashed into a horrific nightmare...

by Simon Crook |
Published on
Release Date:

05 Oct 2007

Running Time:

85 minutes



Original Title:


Berserking it like Scream never happened, Adam Green’s salute to the slasher’s gory days is well-tutored in the old school, but in serious need of a lesson in suspense.

More scenario than plot, the movie sends two college kids (Joel Moore and Deon Richmond) plus assorted bimbo axe-fodder into the New Orleans swamps on a boat tour gone wrong, and dumps them on the doorstep of the local mutant hick.

The first act plays like a corny fratboy comedy; the rest a headless-chicken run-around as coherence gives way to lurid carnage. Green worked on an aborted Cabin Fever sequel, and for all its retro licks, that’s what Hatchet recalls most: an uneven comedy-horror homage that gets by on enthusiasm.

Like Scream never happened, this is an uneven comedy-horror homage that gets by on enthusiasm alone.
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