Half Past Dead Review

Half Past Dead
A FBI agent must stop a plan to infiltrate a maximum security prison and discover the whereabouts of a death row inmate's $200 million worth of gold

by Simon Braund |
Published on
Release Date:

02 May 2003

Running Time:

98 minutes



Original Title:

Half Past Dead

Fans of Steven Seagal will be awaiting their hero's latest adventure with keen anticipation. With its strong production values, slick styling, hip supporting cast and furiously choreographed violence, this is rather more than they - or, indeed, Seagal himself - might have expected at this stage of his video-friendly career.

What they will find disappointing, however, is how incapable the portly sensei is of taking any part in the action. Seagal couldn't muster enough of his once awesome aikido skills to crush a grape these days, let alone tackle a thoroughbred bad guy as sleek and menacing as Morris Chestnut, whose plan to take over a hi-tech prison in pursuit of buried treasure forms what passes for a plot.

It's quite slick, but Seagal's fans won't necessarily get what they paid for; In the one fight scene he does have he looks like Oliver Hardy playing an energetic game of pat-a-cake.

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