A Guy Thing Review

A Guy Thing
After his stag do, Paul is horrified when he awakes in bed with dancer Becky (Stiles). With no recollection of the evening, a bout of crabs convinces him the inevitable took place, and when he discovers the dancer is his fiancee's cousin his discomfort intensifies...

by Scott Russon |
Published on
Release Date:

25 Apr 2003

Running Time:

102 minutes



Original Title:

A Guy Thing

By bringing together Jason Lee and Julia Stiles, long since two of Hollywood's best-kept secrets, the casting proves the most desirable aspect of this otherwise transparent rom-com.

In past films (notably in the work of directors Kevin Smith and Cameron Crowe), Lee has established himself as a sturdy supporting player who blends into the background like a wry chameleon. Meanwhile, Stiles seemed to be developing a Shakespeare complex in Hamlet, O and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Both put in resolute performances here, but a dire plot leaves little to salvage other than their dignity. The rest of the cast are merely bit part players, with Paul's fiancee (Blair) particularly neglected: thus one of the movie's key relationships seems barely credible.

It's as if screenplay co-writer Glienna dug out a raw draft of his earlier and more successful movie Meet The Parents, but was unable to add any originality - or gags.

At times this comes on like a Bringing Up Baby for the MTV generation and as such Lee copes well. Though it's hard to imagine even Cary Grant scratching his way through a running gag about pubic lice.

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