Into Great Silence Review

Into Great Silence
A look at the lives of the monks of Carthusian house of Grande Chartreuse in the mountains near Grenoble

by David Parkinson |
Published on
Release Date:

29 Dec 2006

Running Time:

160 minutes



Original Title:

Into Great Silence

Non-believers may be bemused by the concept of monasticism, and some will doubtless question its relevance to a modern world. But it’s still possible to succumb to the sense of peace and spirituality that envelopes the sternly ascetic Carthusian house of Grande Chartreuse in the mountains near Grenoble, especially as the simple rituals and stately rhythms of life are captured with such unobtrusive stringency by Philip Gröning, who worked as a one-man crew throughout the four-month shoot.

Delightful off-duty moments, like the sledging expedition, emphasise the humanity beneath the humility of these miraculously selfless men.

Charming documentary on monastic existence.
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