Gasoline Review

When a forceful mother is accidentally killed by her daughter's lesbian lover, the two girls take to the road to bury the body. They keeping happening into a pair of butch males and a female, leading to an antagonistic feud.

by Patrick Peters |
Published on
Release Date:

14 Nov 2003

Running Time:

88 minutes



Original Title:


Director Monica Lisa Stambrini has so many issues to raise in this adaptation of Elena Stancanelli's novel that she occasionally takes her foot off the plot pedal, and it's no surprise when this road movie finally stalls.

It opens promisingly, with strident mom Mariella Valentini being accidentally killed by her daughter's lesbian lover. But once Regina Orioli and mechanic Maya Sansa leave the garage where they work to dispose of the body, the emphasis switches to their feud with a pair of leery lads and the girl they seem to share.

This enables Stambrini to consider the macho nature of Italian society, but it distracts from the intriguing balance of power that underpins this unlikely couple's relationship.

Ultimately, this potentially intriguing character thriller loses its direction when it turns into a mean-spirited stalk-and-bash actioner.
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