Free Radicals Review

An Altman-esque tale looking at the links between a plane crash survivor and the inhabitants of her small town.

by David Parkinson |
Published on
Release Date:

03 Sep 2004

Running Time:

0 minutes



Original Title:

Free Radicals

Barbara Albert's drama is more an exercise in mathematical precision than an interaction between defined individuals. In seeking to establish links between plane crash survivor Kathrin Resetarits and the seemingly disparate residents of a nondescript town, she revisits the notions of chance and coincidence explored in fellow Austrian Michael Haneke's Code Unknown.

The ensemble works hard to convey the trepidation and isolation of everyday life, while the melancholia is shrewdly relieved by a vein of dark wit. But, despite the recurrent use of high-angle shots to suggest a guiding presence and the construction of a soulless shopping mall to reinforce the replacement of community with commercialism, proceedings meander to a conclusion devoid of resolution or revelation.

Even considering the unorthodox intentions it has for telling its' story, this is slow, and fails to make the impact it is attempting.
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