Fogbound Review

A young married couple, Leo and Anna, and their best friend Bob are driving through the mountains when a huge bank of fog halts their progress indefinitely. All three have secrets they're keeping from each other…

by Nick Dawson |
Published on
Release Date:

21 Mar 2003

Running Time:

99 minutes



Original Title:


Although the idea of a trio stuck in the fog is a potentially interesting one, its treatment here is stunningly incompetent. The film has pretensions to be an intimate and artful drama, but the clunky, awkward dialogue, gratuitous sex and ham-fisted attempts at "classy" interludes reveal it to be the preposterous nonsense it really is. As for the 'devestating consequences' we should be waiting for - they seem as lost in the fog as the rest of us. Additionally, the performances by Perry and Daniels are both unspeakably bad, while Brady will wish she'd given this one a miss. Which is exactly what you should do.

There's really nothing to recommend about this - even the handling of the constricted space fails to draw tension. Get out and walk.
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