Flowers in the Attic Review

Flowers in the Attic
Kept away from the world in their granny's attic, a gaggle of children are visited only by their mother who seems to think of them less and less and her potential inheritance (from their grandfather) more and more. The children become neglected as mother plots how she can come into the money early.

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1987

Running Time:

93 minutes



Original Title:

Flowers in the Attic

Apparently the ideal mother, Victoria Tennant takes her four children to live with her dying father in a big creepy old mansion. The kids all get confined in the attic while she attempts to get past their horrible grandma (Louise Fletcher, looking for all intents and purposes like Julian Clary dressed for a funeral) and to win her way back to the old man's heart and fortune.

A very slow fairy tale in modern dress, supposedly based on a real story, this doesn't give you much to do except marvel at a strangely escape-proof house. Tennant's smooth callousness provides a minor compensation, but the two younger kids, who should be beautiful, are just too scary looking to win sympathy.

Driven by cliches and almost completely ignoring the psychological growth of the children coping with the loss of their parents, it doesn't take long for this to descent into meaningless schlock.
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