Fire And Ice Review

Fire And Ice
Ice Lord, Nekron, is on the rampage: destroying villages with his glaciers and creating enemy warriors of the survivors, kidnapping beautiful princesses who need to be rescued by these warriors and basically making a nuisance of himself.

by Dan Jolin |
Published on
Release Date:

17 Nov 1983

Running Time:

81 minutes



Original Title:

Fire And Ice

It was a time of conflict.a time of muttering monkey-blokes and overendowed, semi-naked women thrusting out their ample posteriors. A time of dinosaur-like monsters, appearing only to punctuate the boredom instilled by plots as indistinct as the bland backgrounds. It was a time of fire. And ice.

Yes, it was the early ’80s, when the boom of cheap fantasy flicks made way for this effort by Ralph Bakshi and tit-specialist illustrator Frank Frazetta. The result is a cheap, pervy ’toon, best consigned to the dustbin of animation history (likely beneath an avalanche of crusty tissues).

Better avoided unless you're doinh a study on vaguely titillating rubbish 80s animation.

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