Crocodile Dundee II Review

Crocodile Dundee II
When Sue (Kozlowski) is pursued by Columbian drug dealers (led by the sneering Ubarry) due to an incriminating photograph in her possession, she flees to Australia. There, she is taken hostage and it's up to Mick Dundee (Hogan) to save the girl. Again.

by Gavin Bainbridge |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1988

Running Time:

110 minutes



Original Title:

Crocodile Dundee II

Would you take on Ray Mears on his home turf? No, didn’t think so. And yet, feelthy Columbian drug dealers think they can go over to Mick Dundee’s aboriginal crib and teach him a lesson. The scene is set for much slapstick pranking and our boy winning through against the gun-toting odds.

This sequel sticks so closely to the format of the first that the two films sometimes merge in the memory, which is unfair on the first film, an original, genuinely funny hit. Here we see the same jokes recycled and the same croc-out-of-water antics. Hogan's character clings to his lazy loveability like a koala refusing to let go of a eucalyptus tree, whilst Sue becomes a mere blonde prop. Sad to say it, the sequel is as blunt and tiresome as the original was sharp and energetic.

None of the energy of Mick Dundee's first foray has crept into this sequel, despite it being so close on the heels of the original. A must for lovers of the weathered outback and the even-more weathered Paul Hogan only.
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