Cop Review

Cop Lloyd Hopkins (Woods) is on the tail of a serial killer in L.A. The only way to catch him is to get inside his mind, which involves running around the seedy underworld at night, ignoring his marriage and using the kind of choice language that only James Woods can...

by Ian Freer |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1988

Running Time:

110 minutes



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Not so slick as last year’s Manhunter, Cop deals with the same kind of lawman tracking down the same kind of killer. James Woods is savagely compelling as cop Lloyd Hopkins, who is convinced a grotesque sex slaying is the work of a serial killer. His affinity with the killer cuts even closer to the bone than did William L. Peterson’s in Mann’s thriller, and it is this uneasy connection that keeps us transfixed on Hopkins (in turn, it is this obsessional streak that severs Hopkins’ marriage) as he descends into a world of violence, prostitution and hustling that eats up innocence. That Hopkins flourishes in such an environment has us more intrigued with him than we are with the killer.

James Ellroy's work has had it’s hardness transferred well from the page to the screen, where James Woods brings it to life in a manic one-man show of simmering, barely repressed rage. Shame the plot can't keep up.
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