Confession Of A Child Of The Century Review

Confession Of A Child Of The Century
France, 1830. Parisian wastrel Octave (Doherty) is left drunkenly bereft when his lover leaves him. His father's death drives him to new lands and into the arms of seductive widow Brigitte (Gainsbourg).

by Anna Smith |
Published on
Release Date:

07 Dec 2012

Running Time:

117 minutes



Original Title:

Confession Of A Child Of The Century

Some pop stars have made decent actors but you’d have to look hard to find a worse one than Pete Doherty, who plays a 19th century libertine in this limp costume drama based on the Alfred de Musset novel. You might think Doherty would be convincing as an orgiastic hedonist who attempts to go straight. But flat direction and his half-hearted, muttering performance combine to make this increasingly dull. Vainly trying to improve matters is Charlotte Gainsbourg as the older widow who seems to object to his affections on the basis of his youth, rather than his general lack of personality.

Almost worth seeing for novelty value but the novelty quickly wears off.
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