Company Business Review

Company Business
ex-CIA agent Sam Boyd is called up by his former employers to escort and swap a former soviet spy, but the arrangement goes awry and the piar realise the CIA and the KGB want them dead.

by Kim Newman |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1991

Running Time:

99 minutes



Original Title:

Company Business

Veteran CIA agent Gene Hackman is recalled to active duty to participate in an exchange of prisoners, swapping imprisoned mole Mikhail Baryshnikov — who is supposed to have been able to infiltrate the American government by pretending not to be Russian (hoo-hah!) — with a quadruple agent in Berlin.

Naturally, Hackman and Baryshnikov have both been set up by their still-evil CIA and KGB superiors, who are intent on carrying on all the fun of the Cold War. Our heroes go on the run across Europe in an obvious and only marginally exciting espionage thriller that winds up with lunch in the Eiffel Tower restaurant. Director-writer Nicholas Meyer was reportedly so annoyed at the studio's botching of this that he felt obliged to repeat his "serious" message about changing East-West relations in his next film, Star Trek VI.

Two talented leads suffer from this uninspiring, boring script.
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