The Companion Review

In the near-distant future, a female romance writer is planning to write her next book in a remote mountain cabin. A friend convinces her to bring along a "companion", a nearly-human android to cook and clean. She settles on a male companion named "Geoffrey." Bored with some of Geoffrey's behavior, she tinkers with his programming -- first his personality, then his sexuality. Real trouble comes when she gives his mind access to "random data."

by Kim Newman |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1994

Running Time:

94 minutes



Original Title:

Companion, The

Yet another go-round for the plot about the robot who falls in love, this is one of those direct-to-video specials without an original idea in its head. Romance writer Kathryn Harold goes to the country with android servant Bruce Greenwood, and upgrades his programming to make him the perfect lover. However, he gets possessive as if elements from The Stepfather and Misery were downloaded into his circuits. Brion James has a lively scumbag cameo.

Plodding sci-fi rubbish.
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