Carpool Review

A man (Paymer) with an important business meeting finds himself having to take care of the carpool for the neighborhood school children when his wife gets sick.

by Darren Bignell |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1996

Running Time:

89 minutes



Original Title:


Uptight ad man David Paymer is saddled with driving his kids to school in the carpool (Yank lingo for sharing lifts in the same neighbourhood) on the day of a major presentation.

A stuttering, ill-fated journey swerves way off course, however, when desperate carnival owner Tom Arnold knocks off a gourmet snack shop, after robbing the men who were robbing it, and flees using Paymer's kid-riddled spacewagon (His getaway car is stuck in the car park).

Arnold's a buffoon, but the kids love him; Paymer's a geek, but learns how to have fun, both hold the energy up well and their delivery of the few funny lines is sound. With the sickly sweet rent-a-kids support the jokes with the usual high-jinx.

The whole madcap production is at best faintly amusing, at worst, painfully protracted.
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