Carmen In 3D Review

Carmen In 3D
Filmed at the Royal Opera House, Georges Bizet's opera is the story of a young gypsy girl who ensnares army corporal Don José, only to abandon him new conquest, the bull-fighting Escamillo. But her spurned lover's jealousy turns to rage...

by Angie Errigo |
Published on
Release Date:

05 Mar 2011

Running Time:

175 minutes



Original Title:

Carmen In 3D

Julian Napier’s 3D film of Francesca Zambello’s production of Carmen does take you right onto the Royal Opera House stage for a colourful spectacle of gypsies, outlaws, matadors, large chorus, stomping dancers and actual horses. For opera fans who can’t get to Covent Garden, it’s an appealing option. For those who cannot entirely lose themselves in music and voices it has the recurring problem of filmed opera — maintaining credulity that singers without film-star looks are the characters they are supposed to be. Christine Rice gives the knife-wielding trollop her all, with an abundance of bosom, and American tenor Bryan Hymel is a manly Don José (that fool!), destroyed by jealous passion. If you aren’t Carmened-out it’s good, not great.

A kaleidoscopic spectacle enhanced by the eye-popping 3D. It'll enrapture opera lovers, but if full-throated tenors aren't your thing, check out Carmen Jones instead.
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