Bluebeard Review

As two sisters read the book of Bluebeard sometime in the 50s the film goes back to 1697 where young Marie-Ann is about to become Lord Bluebeard's seventh wife. While Bluebeard plans the murder of Marie- Ann just like he has his previous women the tables start to turn with unexpected results.

by David Parkinson |
Published on
Release Date:

16 Jul 2010

Running Time:

80 minutes



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Catherine Breillat puts a feminist spin on Charles Perrault’s fairy tale in this surprising but low-key provocation. It’s set in once-upon-a-time France and follows teen sisters Daphné Baiwir and Lola Créton who are expelled from a convent school and go to live with notorious baron Dominique Thomas after Créton consents to marry him, despite his spouse-slaying reputation. With younger siblings Lola Giovannetti and Marilou Lopes-Benites offering their insights into the fable as they read it in a 1950s attic, this tale of dastardly suppression and naive curiosity is more mischievous than menacing. Breillat mixes enchantment and terror as she revels in the thrill of the illicit and the cunning of spirited females.

Catherine Breillat delivers a new spin on an old tale that doesn't underestimate the female spirit.
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