Best Men Review

Best Men

by Jessica Mellor |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1997

Running Time:

90 minutes



Original Title:

Best Men

Want to make a bank heist movie with a difference? Dress the perpetrators in wedding tuxedos, set it in a small town where said criminal element are known to the majority of the hostages, and throw in a bride with a handy right hook.

That's the formula for this bullet ridden comedy romance, which may be utterly contrived but is good-natured with it, so that the end result is just about likeable. Met by his best buddies - Buzz (Cain), Teddy (Andy Dick), Sol (Mitchell Whitfield) and Billy (Flanery) - Jesse (Wilson) walks out of the slammer after a three year stint. Suited and booted they plan to drive him straight to the altar so he can finally marry love of his life Hope (Barrymore).

But the plan goes pear-shaped when Billy requests a quick stop at the town bank. When he takes longer than expected they go to see what he's up to, only to discover that Billy's the famous Hamlet, a thespian bank robber who spouts Shakespeare during his heists. But before he can finish his oration the bank is surrounded by a media and police circus and all five friends become inadvertently involved.

As the situation reaches stalemate it transpires that each of the quintet has a big secret and, predictably, they've all got their crosses to bear or fears to overcome. But far from detracting from the entertainment value, this tongue-in-cheek approach and the decision to stage it in such a theatrical fashion, largely in the confines of the bank, gives it extra bite.

The ensemble acting is so strong the characters are likeable without being annoying, and aside from the odd corny line which serves as a reminder of the movie's stupidity, if taken at face value it becomes a fair enough yarn with bundles of energy.

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