Bed of Roses Review

Bed of Roses
Romantic drama about a young career girl (Mary Stuart Masterson) who is swept off her feet by a shy florist (Christian Slater), who fell in love with her after one glimpse through a shadowy window

by Darren Bignell |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1996

Running Time:

86 minutes



Original Title:

Bed of Roses

With her proven ability to charm and her combination of good looks, grace and a fine collection of little-girl-lost expressions, Mary Stuart Masterson makes an ideal lead for this kind of slushy, unsophisticated romance. Slater’s participation is perhaps a subject worth more conjecture, although he set a few hearts a-flutter with his big softy routine in Untamed Heart. A routine he dutifully repeats here, with his lovelorn flower deliverer’s pursuit of Lisa Walker — Masterson’s cool and (he thinks) sorrowful career woman.

But, the course of love never did run smooth, especially if she’s a workaholic corporate climber and he moons around listening to fairy tales and wondering about people’s dreams. Nevertheless, Lewis’ (Slater) caring extravagance slowly chips Lisa’s emotional rigidity away — even though his obsession with botany borders on the pathological — but, as she finds herself falling for him, will she be able to reveal the scars hidden by the past? Well, of course she will. These affairs rarely boast a plot full of twists, but this is somehow more predictable than usual, and it’s difficult to shake the feeling that it’s all been seen several times before.

All the usual buttons are pushed to inspire moments of the warm and fuzzy variety, and there are a few nice touches — Lewis’ rooftop garden is enchanting, although it doesn’t take Percy Thrower to see the need for a pair of shears. But Masterson’s engaging quality fails to prevent this from being merely an adequate sucrose fix for the over-sentimental, and more endured than enjoyed by the rest.

Good leads, but totally unbelievable story.
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