Alex Cross Review

Alex Cross
Detroit detective Alex Cross (Perry) is called into action when a hitman (Fox) starts knocking off prominent business people. But as a new target, Jean Reno's mogul, is selected, the copper's resources are stretched to the limit.

by James White |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Nov 2012

Running Time:

101 minutes



Original Title:

Alex Cross

Swapping Morgan Freeman for Tyler Perry as the titular ‘tec, this attempt to explore the roots of novelist James Patterson’s popular character falls flat thanks to a tone that never settles.

The story about a lunatic killer targeting our hero is shot with such dreadful ineptitude by Rob Cohen and Perry’s take on Cross is so high-minded and bland that even when he’s faced with real tragedy, it’s unconvincing. Matthew Fox pulls off an impressive physical transformation as weirdo killer Picasso, but squanders any promise with a tic-laden performance. All that works is some early chemistry between Perry, Burns and Nichols, but that is quickly discarded as the plot boils - though it really only ever simmers. A boring, botched reboot that does a potentially compelling character no justice at all.

Different actor, same result for James Patterson's popular policeman: a dud.
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