Air Guitar Nation Review

Air Guitar Nation
A Spinal Tap style 'rockumentary' about the year when the art of air guitar swept America soon speading as far as Finland. The film follows the history of the USA air guitar chapionships and those talented contestants deperate to make it all the way.

by Olly Richards |
Published on
Release Date:

09 Nov 2007

Running Time:

81 minutes



Original Title:

Air Guitar Nation

There are two types of people in Air Guitar Nation: those who realise that ‘playing’ a non-existent guitar is ridiculous, but go for it anyway; and those who consider caressing an invisible fret-board an art worthy of po-faced dissection. This documentary follows both schools as they compete in the World Air Guitar Championships.

David ‘C-Diddy’ Jung is of the former school, gurning and crotch-thrusting with infectious delight. Dan ‘Bjorn Turoque’ Crane, however, has the neediness of the eternal bridesmaid. Given there’s little tension in the competition, the film could simply have followed the charismatic Jung. That aside, this is a delightfully surreal look at a bizarre performance art.

A delightfully surreal look at a bizarre performance art.
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