We Are What We Are Review

We Are What We Are
Outwardly friendly, the Parker family, led by dad Frank (Sage), conceal some dark secrets. Their determination to maintain the traditions of their forebears is brought into stark, violent relief when a deluge engulfs their small town.

by Kim Newman |
Published on
Release Date:

28 Feb 2014

Running Time:

103 minutes



Original Title:

We Are What We Are

This English-language remake of Jorge Michel Grau’s Mexican-cannibal-family drama, Somos Lo Que Hay, respects the original but is as embedded in its deprived North American background as Grau’s film was in Mexican slums. It’s an intense shocker with outstanding performances from Bill Sage as a sly cannibal patriarch and Michael Parks as the concerned local doctor. Ambyr Childers and Julia Garner also excel as the reluctant cannibal daughters, conveying the characters’ conflicting ambitions, resentments, disgust, loyalties and a bred-in-the-bone monstrous streak which pays off in a gruesome, cathartic finish.

A crunching, visceral transplant for this cannibal tale from its urban Mexican setting to an American milieu.
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