13 Minutes Review

13 Minutes
In 1938 German watchmaker Georg Elser (Friedel) was only 13 mistimed minutes from saving 55 million lives when he attempted to blow up Hitler.

by Ian Nathan |
Published on
Release Date:

16 Jul 2015

Running Time:

114 minutes



Original Title:

13 Minutes

Hirschbiegel, stinging from the calamity of Diana, regroups in the comfy surroundings of Nazi Germany. This taut historical drama, depicting an attempt to bomb Hitler in a Munich assembly hall in 1938, could be an oblique prequel to Downfall.

With the bomb set in the opening scene, the idea is a diagnosis of what drove idly romantic clockmaker Georg Elser (Friedel) to such daring action — he was 13 mistimed minutes from saving 55 million lives. Despite moody flashbacks to the Nazi takeover, Hirschbiegel draws a blank. Elser remains an enigma, a great what-if whose German torturers cannot comprehend acted alone.

Could be an oblique prequel to Downfall.
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