Zombies Storm Stronghold

They want to get medieval on our brains

Zombies Storm Stronghold

by James White |
Published on

We’ll say this for the undead – they might be shambling, shuffling moaning undead bastards with a single-minded craving for brains (single-minded? Brains? Anyone? Ahem…), but they’ve got one hell of an agent because they are everywhere right now. And they’ve even managed to go back in time, at least as part of the graphic novel Stronghold, which 2000AD’s Rebellion Publishing is aiming to foist on to the big screen.

Paul Finch originated the title, which follows Welsh rebels turning to some very dark, druidic magic to help them in their mission of breaking the reign of English tyranny. The druids summon an undead army that marches on the English, and one young knight goes against orders to rescue his love – who just so happens to be the daughter of his enemy – from the slavering medieval zombie horde.

Tom Fickling is hard at work on the adaptation, which veteran video game director (and 2000AD co-owner) Jason Kingsley is planning to use as his filmmaking debut.

Kingsley has his eye on a shoot next year, and is in business with Amber Entertainment, with Ilene Maisel producing. “We think that the zombies are great fun. I've known Ileen for many years, and we think this project is a great way to get into business with Amber," he tells Variety. Let’s hope he’s right – the undead marketplace is awfully crowded right now. And lots of creatures storming medieval backdrops with a hero fighting them? Anyone else think of Army of Darkness? No pressure...

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