Zack Snyder Will Make Black Freighter

It'll be on the Watchmen DVD

Zack Snyder Will Make Black Freighter

by Olly Richards |
Published on

If you've read Watchmen, you will well remember the Tales of the Black Freighter, a weird, brutal and, frankly, quite scary comic book within the comic book. When it was announced that Zack Snyder was finally making the Watchmen into a movie, many wondered if their might be space for this macabre story of a sailor who yearns to get back to his hometown before a group of bloodthirsty pirates, but goes rapidly batshit crazy from starvation and loneliness. It's not key to the overall Watchmen narrative, but it is pretty cool.

Now Moviehole has confirmed that Warner Bros has given Snyder the money to film the story for Watchmen's DVD release. That's all the detail there is right now. There has been talk of 300's Gerard Butler playing the barmy sailor. Snyder's said he'd like him to do it, thought the casting is far from definite. Though, with Butler no longer on board Escape From New York he's got some time to kill.

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